SEECS Profile :::: Rehan Hafiz

Welcome everyoneJ. I began my professional education in Computer Systems Engineering form NUST at EME College,  started my Masters in Computer Engineering again from NUST --- Half way in between proceeded to the University of Manchester for PhD on NUST scholarship --- and now back to NUST at SEECS as Assistant Professor in the EE Dept.....


Research Interests

My research revolves around algorithm development and their digital implementations. Some of my past research projects can be broadly classified as: 

  • Computer Vision / Digital Image / Video / Signal Processing

       Video Mosaics, Image registration, Video Surveillance

  • FPGA based system design

       Digital balanced detection for multichannel optical tomography

       VHDL system development for real time Image registration

  • Algorithm development

       Game simulation for battlefield simulation

       Analysis of equation generation for GSM A5/2 encryption

       Real time noise suppression algorithm for Laser based spectroscopic and Tomographic applications


VISpro :: Vision Imaging & Signal Processing Research Group

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Anyone interested in any of the above mentioned areas you are most welcome to contact me.

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Touring and taking snapshots. You can check some of my snapshots at